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Work Package 7 - System simulation

Work Package 7 deals with the simulation of the complete system. In order to be able to quantify improvements and to compare different systems, specific boundary conditions are defined for climates, houses and hot water load so that the systems can be compared for exactly the same loads and availability of resources (solar radiation and air/ground temperatures). Additionally two reference, State of the Art, systems are defined so that the MacSheep systems can be compared with them. In the first year the new ideas identified in Work Packages 3 to 6 will be implemented in the system models and the improvements in system performance will be quantified. In the third year the complete MacSheep systems will be optimized using system simulations, before the optimized system is built and tested at the end of the project. The program Trnsys will be used for system simulation.
The Work Package on System Simulation is led by the Solar Energy Research Centre SERC at Högskolan Dalarna.


Please find the results of WP7 under Reports & Deliverables.


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