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Work Package 6 - Smart Control

Work Package 6 deals with the control of solar+heat pump systems. Control is one key-point of system design that can lead to significant performance improvement. Within this WP, the objective will be to identify and characterize breakthroughs for control strategies and online-monitoring, then to evaluate the effect of new control strategies and online-monitoring on the system performance, and to develop and implement the most promising solutions in MacSheep systems.
Among the possible breakthrough, MacSheep partners will focus on:

  • Weather forecast that will be used to control heating loops and heat generators
  • DHW demand prediction based on self-learning algorithms
  • On-line diagnoses for faults detection
  • On-line monitoring

This WP is lead by INES-CEA.


Please find the results of WP6 under Reports & Deliverables.


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