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Work Package 4 - Advanced heat pumps and heat pump circuits

WP4 is dedicated to the development of advanced heat pumps and heat pump circuits for the next generation of combined solar heat pump systems. Several ideas of how to increase the efficiency of the heat pump and thus the whole system in comparison to state of the art systems will be evaluated at the start of the project. Among others heat pumps with a variable speed compressor, the use of a de-superheater for domestic hot water preparation and heat pumps using more than one heat source will be evaluated.  Later on heat pump cycles will be optimised for the system concepts to be developed in the project using lab measurements and detailed simulations.
The Work Package on Advanced Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Circuits is led by the Institute of Thermal Engineering at Graz University of Technology.


Please find the results of WP4 under Reports & Deliverables.


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