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VIESSMANN Faulquemont S.A.S.

Viessmann Faulquemont S.A.S. is a part of the international Viessmann Group, a major manufacturer of heating systems in Europe. Founded in 1917, the Group has a staff of approximately 9 ’400 employees. Viessmann's structure is distinctly international, with 15 factories in Germany, France, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and China, a network of distributors in 62 countries with 34 subsidiaries, and 120 sales offices worldwide.
Parts of the portfolio are systems for renewables including solar thermal systems with flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors. Viessmann Faulquemont is one of the biggest collector manufacturing sites in Europe.
The structure of the heating market is shifting towards more efficient technologies and regenerative systems, which means that the technological spectrum is expanding and demand for training by trade partners is growing. The Viessmann Academy was specifically established to meet these needs. It provides a comprehensive program of basic and advanced training courses for heating contractors, planners, architects, property developers, flue inspectors, technical education institutions and Viessmann's own employees. On an international level of the Viessmann Group more than 90 000 industry specialists take part in Viessmann Academy training events each year.
Within the MacSheep project, Viessmann Faulquemont will develop a solar combisystem suitable for heat pumps:

  • Contribute to the development of the test method adapted to these systems by building prototypes (WP8).
  • Develop of a storage tank designed for solar + heat pump applications (WP5).
  • Develop optimized control strategy respecting the characteristics of a heat pump (WP6).



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