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Final project meeting held in Rapperswil, Switzerland, together with national Workshop


The final Macsheep project meeting was held in Rapperswil at SPF. This meeting had the focus on the test results of the four developed solar heat pump heating systems, which were developed during four years of intensive research and development activity of all partners. Three systems were tested with the new developed 6-day "hardware in the loop" test method. Regulus and CTU Prague have developed a ground source heat pump with a desuperheater cycle, a new storage with optimized stratification and a new control for using PV electricity directly for the heat pump or for the heating rod, if excess electricity is available. The first extrapolations from this test show that an reduction of electricity consumption in the order of 26 % can be achieved compared to the reference. CTU has produced a new PVT module prototype, which will be further developed after the MacSheep project. Viessmann showed their developments with focus on smart control and fault detection. Some of the control and storage developments are already implemented into products which are sold today on the market. Energie Solarie SA showed their new absorber, which will bring up to 30 % price reduction for unglazed selective collectors. The system that has been developed by ESSA/SPF/IWT has finished the 6-day test and the first data were analyzed. The extrapolation to annual electricity savings is ongoing. Ratiotherm has presented measurements of a 1000 L VIP insulated storage tank that show heat losses below 58 W, corresponding to class A Energy label according to the ErP labelling system.


The national workshop in Switzerland took place on November 18 and attracted 196 participants, mostly from industry. Among the 14 presentations on the topic of "solar and heat pump systems", four presentations were explaining developments and results of the MacSheep project. The solar and heat pump system developed by SPF was shown and explained on this occasion.





Announcement of final MacSheep Workshops in Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden and Czech Republic

Dates and links of the workshops are public now!
Find here the programs for the five national workshops on solar and heat pump systems organized by the research partners in their respective countries:

  • Rapperswil / Switzerland: 18. November 2015, Link
  • Stockholm / Sweden: 3. December 2015, PDF
  • Nantes / France: 21. October 2015, Link
  • Graz /  Austria: 13. October 2015, Link
  • Prague / Czech Republic: 18. September 2015, Link




Ninth project meeting held in Chandolin, Switzerland


The ninth project meeting was held in Chandolin with focus on whole system testing and last results/information about the prototype systems.
Since the last meeting further optimizations were done on heat storages (Regulus), vacuum insulation (SPF) and heat pump outdoor unit (Ratiotherm). New ICT control developments (Viessmann) were presented to the participants. As the project end is near (Dez 2015), the main focus for the meeting was to clarify all questions regarding the bench mark test for the Ratiotherm, ESSA/SPF/IWT and the Regulus system. The ESSA/SPF/IWT system is already installed in the test bench and has mastered some days of the whole system test. The programs for the five national workshops on solar and heat pump systems organized by the research partners in their respective countries will be published soon on the MacSheep homepage.


Eight project meeting held in Prague, Czech Republic

During the eight project meeting held in Czech Republic the final status of the lab-scale developments of components were discussed. Various components have been manufactured and optimized. Most have reached their final prototype phase and few components need a final optimization. Some of the components have reached their final prototype status: the heat pump developed by IWT, the unglazed selective collector from ESSA, the PVT collector from CTU, the storage with integrated condenser from Viessmann, the new designed storage from Regulus, which is already on the market and the storage from SPF which is optimized for heat pump use (high inlet flows). Whole system simulation results were calibrated with parameters from the laboratory tests, and show that about
18 – 30 %  electric savings are expected compared to the reference systems. By the end of 2014, first public deliverables will be published with information about the developments in several work packages. The final systems will be assembled from the developed components and tested with whole system test methods in 2015.


Seventh project meeting held in Graz, Austria

The seventh project meeting was held in Graz with focus on updated system simulations and laboratory results. The parameters of the simulation models were fitted to the new laboratory tests, leading to more accurate simulation results. Simulation results showed very promising savings close to and above the target value of 25 %. The main goal in the next months is to have the remaining components tested and the already existing components improved until the end of this year, before the final prototype systems can be assembled and tested in 2015.


Sixth project meeting (online meeting)

The sixth project meeting was held as a web-meeting. The focus of the meeting was on the progress of each of the four development lines and of the system testing procedures. Many components have already been produced: e.g. new uncovered solar absorbers and PVT-collectors, heat pump cycles, and combi-storage tanks. These are currently undergoing the first tests and show promising results. Until the end of 2014, further tests and component improvements will be made, and the final systems will be put together for the demonstration of the final achievements of the MacSheep project in 2015.


Fifth project meeting held in Falun, Sweden

During the fifth project meeting held in Sweden the status of the lab-scale developments of components were discussed and new system simulation results were presented. Some partners are ahead of the time-plan and will be able to start the demonstration phase earlier than anticipated, possibly already in 2013.


Fourth Project Meeting Held in Munich, Germany

The fourth project Meeting was held in Munich and the consortium was able to successfully finish phase 2 of the project, where different breakthroughs for solar thermal and heat pump combinations have been analyzed both energetically and economically. The most cost-effective breakthroughs will be implemented in system components and tested in a lab-scale in phase 3 of the project, lasting from the beginning of 2013 to the end of 2014.


MacSheep is a "Euresearch success story"

The MacSheep project has been highlighted by Euresearch as a "Euresearch success story"


Third Project Meeting held in Prague, Csech Republic

The third meeting of the MacSheep project was held November 6-8 in Prague, Czech Repbulic, hosted by the MacSheep partner CTU Prague. Reults of phase 2 of the MacSheep projects were presented and discussed. A number of breakthroughs that were analyzed by means of annual simulations show to be not only attractive from an energetic point of view, but also for reducing costs of the systems.


Second Project Meeting held in Le Bourget du Lac, France

The second project meeting of the MacSheep project was held June 4/5 in Le Bourget du Lac / France, hosted by the MacSheep partner CEA-INES. The nine partners from 6 different European countries sent 18 researchers to discuss the advancement of the MacSheep project and the final tasks to tackle until the end of phase 1 of the project that is on July 1st, 2012.


MacSheep KickOff Meeting in Rapperswil/Switzerland

The KickOff Meeting for the MacSheep project took place at Rapperswil / Switzerland on January 23/24, hosted by the coordinator of the project Institut für Solartechnik SPF of the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil HSR. The nine project partners, represented by 18 experts in the field of solar and heat pump systems, discussed the further steps to take with a special focus on the goals set for the first year of the project. The meeting has triggered several coverages on the project in the local press.


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