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Solar Energy Research Center of Högskolan Dalarna (SERC)

Högskolan Dalarna is a regional university in Sweden, where the solar energy research center SERC is one of the two leading research organisations. Since its start in 1984 SERC has worked continuously on small scale solar thermal systems, being the leading institution in Sweden in this field. In the last ten years specialisations in test methods, thermal storage, system simulations, combinations with biomass and energy in buildings have been added. The unique feature of SERC is the multidisciplinary research projects carried out, with technical, social and political science specialists. Their heat exchanger for stratification patent is still used by leading solar thermal supplier. SERC has participated in many EU, Nordic and national projects in the field, and has a publication series on flexible heating systems based on its multidisciplinary research results. SERC has participated in several Tasks of IEA’s solar heating and cooling programme, has been running a one year masters programme in solar engineering for over 10 years and has a tradition of coupling the latest research results into the teaching curriculum. WP5 (Storage) and WP7 (system simulations) of the MacSheep project will be led by Assoc. Prof. Chris Bales of SERC.
The scientific work of SERC in the MacSheep project focuses on:

  • Theoretical and experimental development of dual source heat pump units in close collaboration with the industry participants as well as integration of the heat pump into the system concept.
  • Development of generalised control algorithms using forecasting methods as well as automatic fault detection and then implementing them into system specific applications.
  • Optimisation of system design.
  • Development and application of test methods in WP2 and WP8.



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