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Ratiotherm Heizung+Solartechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ratiotherm Heizung + Solartechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturing company with about 20 employees founded in 1991 for the production of stratified hot water storage tanks. Since the year 2000 Ratiotherm has also been developing and selling solar based heating systems, and since 2006 produces also air source heat pumps specifically for the combination with solar thermal heat, including all relevant components such as heat exchanger units and the programming of the system controller. Installers of Ratiotherm systems are trained for the specific hydraulics and controllers of the solar and heat pump systems at the company’s site in Dollnstein / Germany where the company not only manufactures their storage tank and heat pump units, but also runs an own small test bench. The strategy of Ratiotherm is to develop easy-to-use components, manufacture prototypes and bring improved systems into the serial production process. Ratiotherm has in the past been working with SPF Rapperswil, University of Ingolstadt or the Institute for Thermal Engineering (ITW) in Stuttgart.

The contributions of Ratiotherm to the MacSheep project are the following:

  • Ratiotherm contributes with a dual source heat pump (WP4) that can use both ambient air as well as heat from solar thermal collectors and that will be able to use desuperheating in the heat pump circuit to produce domestic hot water at higher temperatures while the heat pump is running in the more efficient space heating mode.
  • Ratiotherm will work on the hydraulic integration of their stratified hot water storage tank into the new solar and heat pump system concept (WP5).
  • Ratiotherm will work on the control of the system, in particular on the decision when to use solar thermal heat for the evaporator of the heat pump and when to use it directly, as well as on the heat pump integration control (WP6).
  • Ratiotherm will work closely together with SERC on optimising the components: heat pump unit and integration into the system; heat pump integrated into the solar heating system; and control of the complete system. Ratiotherm will manufacture improved prototypes during development and finalised production prototypes for the final system testing (WP8).



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