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REGULUS spol. s.r.o.

Regulus is a private company which has been working in heating applications as importer and distributor for almost 20 years. A key-strength of Regulus is a strong technical support for the costumers (design, training, technical assistance), which has made the company one of the most important players in the solar and heat pump business in Czech Republic. Regulus started to supply components for manufacturers of gas boilers, and later began to sell solar thermal systems and heat pumps. In the beginning Regulus designed and manufactured the indoor units for split heat pumps, and now manufactures solar collectors, thermostatic valves, pump groups, and thermal energy storage tanks. The R&D department of Regulus has 9 staff members and is equipped with a laboratory for solar thermal applications, heat pumps (cold room), hydraulic and thermal tests (storage tanks, components). The Regulus headquarters (incl. laboratory and warehouse) are in Prague, a daughter company resides in Presov Slovakia (sales office, warehouse, manufacturing plant for accumulation tanks) and a manufacturing plant is located in Liberec - Czech Republic (solar collectors with evacuated tubes, thermostatic valves, and pump groups), totally more than 100 people are employed by Regulus.
The role of REGULUS in the MacSheep project is:

  • The development of a compact heat pump / advanced storage combination (WP4 & WP5).
  • Production of a combined solar and heat pump MacSheep system (storage tank, heat pump circuit) for demonstration (WP8).



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