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French National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA INES)

CEA is a major research institute in France with a staff over 16 000 people and with a broad field of expertise in all energy related aspects. Within CEA, a department is dedicated to solar energy and energy efficiency in buildings. This department is the major player of the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES), located in the Alps region. Currently, CEA-INES employs about 300 persons, and is divided into seven laboratories. The main activities of CEA INES are:

  • Technological research: advanced modelling and new concepts,
  • Applied research: assistance to innovation for material, processes, products; assistance to products development, technology transfer,
  • Systems design: simulation tools, climatic analyses, monitoring on real sites.
  • Characterization, tests: assistance on products, tests program,
  • Training on solar systems, standards development,
  • Demonstrations: validation at the end user level in real environment for specific application of a product or a system.

Within the MacSheep project, CEA INES is leader of WP6: Smart control, and WP8: Demonstration, and will:

  • Contribute to the development of the test method adapted to these systems and realize system testing (WP2)
  • Develop of a storage tank designed for solar + heat pump applications (WP5)
  • Develop optimized control strategy using weather and thermal loads forecast (WP6)
  • Realize system simulation in order to evaluate the influence of the new developments (WP7)
  • Contribute in demonstration and dissemination activities (WP8 & WP9).



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