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Energie Solaire SA (ESSA)

Energie Solaire SA (ESSA) is a Swiss company founded by Granit SA back in 1973, in Lausanne. It has specialised in the development, the production, the marketing and the implementation of solar thermal energy products and systems. The company developed a stainless steel selective solar absorber, which remained the high-tech product all its other applications depend on. ESSA is located in Sierre (CH) since 1987, where the company has slowly but steadily grown up till 2011, and employs now 15 people in its factory in Sierre and 6 people in its Spanish subsidiary. ESSA first developed a flat plate heat exchanger basically for solar thermal applications. The particularity of the solar absorber, which resulted from this development, is that it presents a cushion geometry. The panel design gives full irrigation, leading to superior heat exchange performances. Additionally, ESSA also developed a highly selective solar coating for application on stainless steel substrates. This coating is weather resistant. Thus it is also applied on unglazed solar collectors. The ESSA absorber has a higher efficiency than any covered flat plate collector at low temperatures, and it can also take profit of convective heat gains.  Therefore it is also used for combined solar and heat pump systems using the collectors both for direct solar heating and as heat source for heat pumps. ESSA also specialized in application of its high-end selective coatings on stainless steel sheets and receiver tubes for concentrated solar energy use, leading to a diversification of the company's activities on various "niche" markets. ESSA has a long experience in 'Pilot and Demonstration' projects and research programs in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.  

The tasks of ESSA in the MacSheep project are focused on:

  • Development of collectors that can use solar radiation as well as ambient heat and collectors with reduced temperatures in stagnation (WP3).
  • Prototyping and demonstration: ESSA actively participates in the development of the hybrid thermal solar collector, builds prototypes and thus plays an active role in the demonstration work package (WP8).



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