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WP8 - Demonstration (Deliverable 8.1)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

Report D8.1 consists of the final prototype specifications based on the component developments that were undertaken within phase 3 of the MacSheep project for solar and heat pump systems. The components that are addressed in this report are solar collectors, thermal storages, heat pumps and controllers. Four system prototypes have been specified in close collaboration between research and industrial partners in four groups. The components specifications will be used to build the final system prototypes until June 2015. Then three of four systems will be tested with the improved test method developed from WP2, in order to demonstrate the achievement of the overall goals of the MacSheep project, i.e. 25 % electric energy savings compared to the state of the art solar and heat pump systems.



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