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WP6 - Smart control (Deliverable 6.2)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

In this report D6.2 the results of energetic performance and cost effectiveness analysis for selected breakthroughs in the field of system control & ICT in combined solar and heat pump systems developed in the frame of the MacSheep project are evaluated.

Investigated breakthroughs have been identified and selected as promising ones in the previous phase 1 of the project. These candidate breakthroughs for integration into system controller are:

  • Use of weather forecast
  • Use of user demand forecast
  • Use of automatic function control system

In this work, we analyzed simplified algorithms to use a perfect forecast of weather in order to evaluate the maximum potential gains. With these algorithms no energy savings were achieved with the given boundary conditions. Breakthroughs that deal with user demand forecast (domestic hot water and user communication about building occupancy) revealed satisfactory results (around 2.5% energy savings for each, with nearly zero extra equipment costs), while using simple algorithms.

Based on these results, the MacSheep consortium has selected the following breakthroughs for further investigations and developments towards a prototype within phase 3 of the project:

  • User demand forecast for domestic hot water production
  • User demand forecast with ICT
  • Function control on an overall system level
  • Function control specifically for the heat pump



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