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WP6 - Smart control (Deliverable 6.1)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

An overview of available literature material about potential breakthroughs in the field of control strategy and fault diagnosis for Solar Combi System with integrated heat pump for residential building has been given. The main subtopics are identified as short term (typ. one day) weather forecast of outside air temperature and global irradiation in the solar collector area plane, forecast of domestic hot water consumption, predictive control, system failure detection analysis, specific heat pump component failure detection analysis and ICT breakthroughs to provide user-friendly information. In every previously mentioned topic, special attention was paid to methods that provide their results through a limited set of additional sensors and thus, mainly relies on software development. Breakthroughs for each subtopic have been selected for further investigation in phase 2 of the MacSheep project.



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