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WP5 - Storage (Deliverable 5.1)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

A review of literature on developments and breakthroughs in storage that can be of interest in the MacSheep project has been carried out. Standard databases for academic literature as well as patent databases have been covered.

The store is a central part of a solar assisted heat pump system. New materials and integration concepts (including stratification) show potential for either improving system performance or decrease costs. Many are of interest to study in more detail in phase two of the project. Nearly all studies can use existing simulation models, which reduces the effort for the simulation studies to follow in phase two. The literature review showed that a lot of work has been done in the field, but most in a context other than for the combination of solar thermal combined with heat pumps.

In nearly all cases, there is a limited amount of information in the literature of the costs of breakthroughs. The derivation of these will be a key part of the work of phase two. The results presented in this report thus cover essentially only the energetic issues, with simple discussion of economic issues.

There are a number of cross-cutting issues with other work packages, such as condenser integrated into the store, advanced control of HP for charging the stores etc.



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