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WP4 - Heat pumps (Deliverable 4.2)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

This document presents the results of cost effectiveness analysis for selected breakthroughs in the field of advanced heat pumps and heat pump cycles applicable in combined solar and heat pump systems developed in the framework of the MacSheep project.

The investigated breakthroughs that have been identified and selected to be promising ones in phase 1 of the project are:

  •  Desuperheater for domestic hot water preparation
  • Variable speed compressor for an air-source heat pump
  • Variable speed compressor to maximize electricity use from photovoltaic-thermal production
  • Vapour injection system
  • CO2 heat pump in the solar and heat pump system
  • Integration of a subcooler into the heat pump cycle
  • Analysis of reduced electrical use for motors in fans and compressors
  • Influence of heat exchanger design and sizing
  •  Improved hydraulics and control of heat pump integration

All of the listed breakthroughs have been analysed by means of dynamic system simulations and cost calculations in order to reveal their potential contribution to the common target of the project. For each breakthrough the description of the main idea, the cost calculation, the description of the method used for modelling and the presentation of the results is documented in individual chapters.

The results highlight several possible breakthroughs, which can help to reach the common goal of 25 % less electrical energy consumption at competitive costs. Most of the examined measures that have a substantial energetic savings potential also show economic benefits despite of mostly higher investment costs.

The breakthroughs that have been chosen by the consortium for further investigation in phase 3 of the project are:

  • Desuperheater
  • Variable speed compressor
  • Vapour injection cycle
  •  Subcooler for preheating domestic hot water
  •  High efficiency motors for compressor and fan
  •  Optimized hydraulic integration of the heat pump



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