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WP3 - Collectors (Deliverable 3.3)

The full report is confidential and will not be distributed to the public. However, a brief summary of the contents are given here.

Uncovered solar collectors with selective paint (ESSA, IWT & SPF) and glazed photovoltaic-thermal collectors (CTU) are further investigated in the MacSheep project to develop new products for advanced solar heat pump system.

Uncovered absorbers with new selective coatings (TSSS paint) on more cost-effective stainless steel substrate have been manufactured and tested for production feasibility, thermal performance, and accelerated ageing by ESSA & SPF. Long term outdoor exposure tests have been started. Although the selective coated absorbers have not passed the test in extreme conditions (salt spray, SO2), the long term outdoor exposure so far shows no signs of degradation in a natural environment. Although the performance of the selective paint coated absorbers is lower than the performance of a benchmark coating for typical operation conditions, the effect on the SPF of the investigated solar and heat pump system concept is minor, and thus this breakthrough still looks very promising in general, since cost can be reduced and more absorber surface installed without increasing system cost.

Solar PVT collectors based on PV laminate with siloxane gel have been developed at CTU Prague. The thermal performance of a PVT absorber and a glazed nonselective PVT collector have been tested in outdoor conditions and the superior optical efficiency compared with state-of-art solutions has been confirmed. Economic analysis based on performance simulations in different systems (solar DHW, MacSheep solar heat pump system) have shown that the potential for an economic application is only given for the glazed selective PVT collector if the maximum price is limited to 450 €/m². Development, production of samples, and testing will continue in the next year to reach the target of glazed selective PVT collectors.



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