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Department of Environmental Engineering of the Czech Technical University Prague (CTU Prague)

The Department of Environmental Engineering (DEE) is a part of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). Research at DEE is focused on the development of HVAC components for the industry and design and evaluation methods for state administration (standardization, legislation) in the frame of national projects. In the field of renewables, DDE has been concentrating mainly on research and development in the field of solar thermal technology since 1980. Testing equipment at DEE includes: outdoor test stands for glazed and unglazed solar collectors testing (EN, ISO standards), device of solar transmittance measurements (ASTM standard), pressure loss measurement, thermovision camera, heat exchangers testing, etc. Software equipment includes: Fluent for detailed modelling, ESP-r for building energy calculations, TRNSYS for system optimization and parametric analysis, KOLEKTOR for flat-plate collectors design (developed at DEE), etc. CTU in Prague is leader of work package WP3 Solar Collectors and primary circuits.

The scientific work of CTU Prague focuses on aspects of:

  • development and testing of advanced solar collectors (hybrid photovoltaic/thermal, unglazed, building integrated), experimental verification of mathematical models (WP3).
  • development and investigations (modelling / testing) on heat-pump / storage system (WP4 / WP5).
  • system simulations, analyses and optimization for developed solar/heat pump/storage system configurations (WP7).



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